Summer and Winter Checklist

18 Ada Way Pittsburg NH 03592


Please read and print out this checklist page completely.

The Check In and Check Out times are listed on your rental agreement 2PM Check in - 10 am Checkout.

Print out your directions right now and bring them with you.  See the direction link above.  Don’t forget to call (617-212-8691) or email us when you get within 2 hours of the home if we haven't already spoken. The home is locked but we will have code for you. Call the number on your rental agreement.   There is unlocked WIFI however and its included, and super fast for Pittsburg...

How should I leave the property?  This property is yours for the time you are here.  Although a rental inspector comes before you arrive and after you leave to ensure the property is clean, you are responsible for leaving the property in the condition you received it in or better. You are renting some one's home and you should leave it the way you would want your own left. Excess cleaning, if needed, will be held from your security deposit.  Occupancy limits, NO pets etc... are verified and enforced.  We will keep your full security deposit.  Don't risk it.

Bring plenty of sun block. During peak weeks the sun can be very strong.  During the Winter the snow can be crazy deep.  We get 8-10 feet per year.  No matter what season your into it will be fun and the best time - ever.

Bring some warm clothing. At night it can get chilly after being in the hot sun all day. Water shoes as well if your planning on swimming as the shoreline is rocky.  If its winter...I always say more layers the better.  You can always take a couple off.

Binoculars are also nice to have as there are a lot of moose, birds, and nature, etc.. to check out.  Listening to the loons at night are amazing.

You can tent around the home! Its a very fun thing for the kids. Pickup a cheap tent at Walmart, make a small camp fire.  These are the best memories.

Click the Snowmobile Trail Map for the official guide.  Also check out the Pittsburg Ridge Runners for the local snowmobile club.  Please donate.

The home has plenty of blankets, throws and pillows.  The home has 2 king sized beds, 1 full and 1 twin.  The King sized beds are memory foam and HEATED! 

What supplies are included in the rental?   The home has blankets, pillows, kitchen towels, bath mats and all the major items you would expect.  For kitchen appliances there is a microwave, electric kettle, refrigerator, electric range and oven.  Just not your personal kind of stuff. 

There is a washer and dryer in the home. 

Please place trash inside bags and brought down to the transfer station or left in your bed/trailer. Make sure there is NO trash outside.  The wildlife needs to stay away : )  Trash is your responsibility.  The local transfer station is just a short 1 mile ride.  Will cost you $1 for your entire stay payable at the transfer station.  Dont forget you can share the transfer station sticker between vehicles or leave for the folks that come after you.

Remember you have “first dibs” on the home for the same time next year.  Please notify us within 2 weeks after you leave or someone else can book “your” week.

How do I make a reservation?  Our reservation line, 617-212-8691 available  Monday-Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. In addition, our online booking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you do make a reservation online we will contact you to confirm and finalize your rental with in 48 hours. The reservation is not final until approved by agent. Once approved, the reservation is subject to all terms, conditions and policies.

What is your payment policy?  A full reservation requires full payment. We accept all major credit cards if you prefer to make incremental payments over time.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?  Refunds will be made only if the property is re-rented for the entire stay. Refunds will be less 20% of the full rental amount. If not re-rented, you are responsible for the entire rental amount.  No refunds will be given for late check-ins, early check-outs or no-shows.

Are refunds available in the case of inclement weather?  No refunds will be given for cancellation or interruption due to weather.

CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT LOCATION - Directly at the Lake Haven.  Follow the instructions on your rental agreement to call us when your within 2 hours if we haven't already spoken.  Check In is after 2PM and Check out is STRICTLY at 10AM. The inspector has many homes to go through on a schedule.

Are security deposits required?  A Security Deposit is required for all rentals. You are responsible for any damage to the property during your stay. Your liability is not limited to the security deposit. Deposits will be returned less than 30 days after departure by HomeAway less any fees or offsets.

Is there a charge for extra keys?  We do not use keys anymore.  See the passcode provided for the door lock.

Are telephones available?  Since so many people have cell phones, and tenants usually have 2 or more with them, we have eliminated land lines in the Lake Haven. There is high speed internet and WIFI if you want to use Skype or FaceTime.

What about grilling?  The Lake Haven has a gas grill. Tenants are responsible for gas if needed.  Refills are next store or you can do a tank exchange at Young’s General Store.

What about house parties or noise complaints?  You certify that you have read the limitations placed on the number of persons permitted to occupy the premises, and agree to abide by such limitations: if not, you will be asked to leave with no refund. The occupancy limit includes daytime guest.

Any use of the rental property for a purpose other than residential use for the number of guests listed on the lease is grounds for eviction without refund. Parties, weddings, receptions, and other gatherings on the property for any reason that exceed the maximum occupancy is not allowed. The Agent reserves the right to cancel your rental reservation with no refund if Guest misrepresents the purpose for the rental.  So having made the policy clear - play nice and make friends for life!

Are foreign checks accepted?  No. but HomeAway does accept most major credit cards.

Are pets allowed?   NO. If pets are found in or on the property we reserve the right to cancel your reservation, forfeiting deposit and occupancy of the rental unit plus a $200 charge to treat the property for fleas, hair and other pet related allergens. We will check in during your stay - this policy is strictly adhered too.  All our guests expect a allergy free home and many are VERY sensitive to this.  So to drop off the pooch for a vacation of their own.  Here are a couple great dog hotels you should call and see if they work.  Prices are generally about $24 per day or less:

        KCs Meadow Kennel

        224 Martin Meadow Pond Road

        Lancaster,NH 03584


        email info@kcke


        Cherry Mountain Kennel

        Whitefield NH

        (603) 837-2448

Smoking  There is no smoking inside this property. Unauthorized smoking is grounds for eviction without refund and/ or security deposit forfeiture.  Smoke outside all you want - please.

Construction  Because tourism is the largest industry in Pittsburg, construction and remodeling are always being done. Should you find yourself near construction, please exercise patience and understanding. In the event it becomes intolerable, we'll do our best to talk to the contractors, but no refunds or moves will be made.

If there ANY questions to help you aid your planning please do not hesitate to click the Email Me button below.